There is no greater foundational principle that drives, or blocks, success than your own Head-Space.

You should always be working to refine and retrain your brain if you want to move forward toward a more positive professional and personal life.

So, let’s cut to the chase!

I broke it down for you in 3 steps for dialing in your Success Oriented Headspace.

You must understand and truly believe…

1. Why you are doing ‘this’

Start by creating and understanding the clear picture of your Purpose (the Why) and role of your occupation as a chiropractor. A simple description might be as follows:

  • A way to help people in my community achieve better health without drugs and surgery
  • A way to move toward a higher level of personal prosperity (whatever that means to you)

That’s it – it’s that simple. Don’t over-complicate the purpose of your profession and your practice or you will quickly lose your focus on what it is and begin aimlessly toiling in an unfulfilling J.O.B.

Help people in my community achieve better health AND Move toward a higher level of personal prosperity.

Most chiropractors are good at helping customers but fall short in their focus on accumulating wealth.

You DESERVE to make money from the care your office provides. Mentally accept that you DESERVE to live a ‘rich’ lifestyle with all your financial goals met.

If you are stressed about finances, the patient will sense the desperation as you try to recommend your care. That will in turn reduce customer compliance which means you are helping less people and doing a disservice, all because you are financially stressed.

2. You don’t require validation

Commit yourself to a mindset that you do not require validation for the work you do and will not participate in validation seeking behavior.

Needy doesn’t work well in any relationship. Just as if you met a new person you were interested in and exhibited a deprived behavior pattern through body language and words, he or she might be ‘turned off,’ the same happens with a patient that you are interested in getting to know better on a professional level.

Eliminating a ‘validation needed’ mindset, starts with the understanding that attitude is everything. Based on the ideas of Oren Klaff in Pitch Anything, you are the ‘prize’ not your patient, not the insurance company, not the money

Don’t let the term ‘prize’ throw you as egotistical. It simply means that instead of trying to convince the patient as to why they should take your recommended treatment, you are asking them about their condition and goals so you can determine if they are a good fit for your office.

A simple mindset twist that pays dividends in customer care follow through.

3. You are not attached to the outcome

You and your team are simply the vessel that is providing already proven services for removing interference so innate intelligence can express better life and the body can function more optimally (or however you explain what you do to the customer).

However, you should always be striving to improve how you explain and deliver the services you offer. When you do this it will always improve you confidence it explaining what you do and why and how much/long it will likely take.

As long as you are trying to improve your protocols and scripts, then you must can back it up with conviction and stop worrying about how the customer might respond.

You know what they need… just say it. And then deliver on what you said.

I find many chiropractor small business owners who are financially strapped and/or have a poverty mindset recommend less care than they feel a patient really needs in an effort to get them to take some care. Don’t do this. Say it like it is so you can sleep at night knowing you speak the truth while not getting attached to the outcome.

This (‘this’ being your practice) is your show and you dictate how the plot unfolds and who the characters are. If you don’t control this then you end up with patients, or worse… 3rd parties, that are running the show because you allowed them to adopt the mindset of ‘I guess I’ll give you a try’ verses them being in the mindset of ‘Awesome, this doctor is willing to give me a try.’

And when the patient is in control or wants to be in control as if you are lucky they stopped in for care, you must flip that control back to you. Too often chiropractors have a certain level of desperateness for new business and new patients leading to a ‘I’ll tell you what you want to hear Mr. or Mrs. Patient mentality.’

As of today your mantra and internal belief is that ‘I don’t need new patients… New patients need me.’

Being a chiropractor requires courage because you have taken on the responsibility to change a person’s life. Your purpose must be well defined and then you must follow it every day. Patrick Gentempo says “…you will attract material wealth only to the degree that your purpose is strong…”

Now that is a well thought out and accurate statement.