Are you a chiropractor that wants to build a successful Cash Chiropractic Wellness Practice?


It all starts with how you market your chiropractic office in the community, how you present your care to patients and what you discuss during follow up visits.

For now, let’s focus on the latter… what you say during follow up visits.

Do you discuss their pain relief when speaking with patients?

Or worse yet do you discuss topics that are not chiropractic, their health, subluxation or spine related during the visit?

If so you are wasting valuable education time…. time that will help improve a patient’s understanding of chiropractic wellness care – for life.

The principle of Cognitive Fluency says that as someone hears something enough they will stop dismissing it and instead grow to understand and accept it.


When trying to grow a chiropractic wellness care office, and especially if you want to grow to become a high volume office, then the first 4 visits you should be discussing just one topic to help reinforce it. For my offices that one topic is ‘what is a subluxation and how does it affect your spine.’

However, somewhere down the line – usually visit 6 or 7 – you should be asking the Golden Question.

“How are you liking the care in here so far?”

The goal of this question is to open up dialogue and guess what it works.

Asking it should naturally parlay into specifics of how the care is impacting their life and the importance of consistency in visits.

An alternate way to phrase this same question if you ‘feel’ like you need to at least mention the pain relief is…

“Besides feeling better what other changes have you noticed with the care in here so far?”

THE GOLDEN QUESTION (During the Maintenance Phase of Care)

Do you know what question you should be asking once you are into the maintenance phase of care?

It is similar to how you asked about ‘how are you liking the care so far?’ early on.  Instead, you will change it to…

“How are you liking the maintenance care?”

Just as early on in care…. This should naturally parlay into specifics of how the care is impacting their life and the importance of consistency in visits.

Does all this seem too simple to work?

We have tested it in our offices that see well over 2,000 visits a month. It works!

It’s simple and powerful to help open up dialogue and reinforce that their care is generating a change beyond the relief of pain.

Remember when it’s their revelation about the impact the care is having on their health and life, they are more likely to recognize how important ongoing care really is.