You do the Chiropractic Marketing… You Run your Cash and/or Membership Practice Like a Top… You Work on Growing your Business every day.

But how much time are you spending on making sure your cash chiropractic business is GOING in the right direction?

Markets change.

And if there is one ‘thing’ I see with my Cash Practice Clients (and insurance based practice clients that I used to have before I made the switch to cash and membership practice models), it’s that they typically duck their head and ignore market forces and competition.

Instead they just plug along oblivious to everything and everyone else.

Is that approach broken?

Well, if you position your practice in a unique enough way where you render the competition irrelevant and cater to the ‘wants’ of people in the community well enough then you can go a long time with great success doing the ‘same ol’ thing.’

For the vast majority of practices however, they have not accomplished this feat.

They instead behave the same way as the competition to the North, East, West and South… with the same general pricing, services, patients flow, hours, access and experience for the patient.

Here’s a suggestion… spend 80% of your time on Managing and Growing your practice as it is. In other words maximizing what you have and where you are now.

Spend the other 20% on figuring out where you want your practice to go.

More towards insurance heavy (haha… JK… had to say it!)?

More towards Chiropractic Wellness Patient Attraction?

Into Memberships or Prepayment Options?

Better accessibility for patients but less hours for you?

Improved patient experience?

Chances are that with a little thought there are changes you want to make and directions you want and NEED to go with your practice. Don’t put it off… by moving your practice a little nudge here and there in the direction that responds to the market, to your staff needs, consumer wants and what you need, you will always be slowly reshaping, adapting and going.