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810, 2021

How to Grow your Practice through Improved Efficiency

The benefits of being busy extends well beyond the number of lives impacted and the income generated. There is no better way to practice than being fully engaged and dialed in as the time whizzes by. You go home physically exhausted but emotionally charged by the impact you had on your practice and your community. From a business building perspective, being busy shows the other customers – new and existing – that you are valid and accepted by others. When customers see other customers in your office, you are in effect marketing your practice through a ‘show and tell’ method. That’s the oldest form of social proof, and a free and invaluable marketing strategy. Your customers are continually reminded that they made a good choice by choosing your office for their care, and in turn tell their friends and family “it is the best place to go for chiropractic care.” So, what about serving and servicing [...]

1205, 2021

My #1 Secret for an Efficient, Low Stress Practice

There are 2 ways to run a service based business. 1. With Systems 2. Without Systems Running an office Without systems means you are depending on the God given talent and past learned behaviors an employee has (personality, decision making and critical thinking skills) to get the job done right. Running it With systems means you depend on protocols and scripts to overcome the ‘shortcomings’ a person, including you, will inevitably prove to have. I have been creating chiropractic training programs and coaching chiropractors through for more than 15 years now. During that time the most common underlying problem I have uncovered with clinics that are struggling is a lack of systems. Why is this? It all has to do with the Consistency. Consistency of the Customer Experience, consistent education, consistent messaging, consistent marketing and on and on. It is this same consistency that powers a franchised business, increasing its likelihood of success and making it [...]

905, 2021

3 Mindset Shifts Essential for Success

There is no greater foundational principle that drives, or blocks, success than your own Head-Space. You should always be working to refine and retrain your brain if you want to move forward toward a more positive professional and personal life. So, let’s cut to the chase! I broke it down for you in 3 steps for dialing in your Success Oriented Headspace. You must understand and truly believe… 1. Why you are doing ‘this’ Start by creating and understanding the clear picture of your Purpose (the Why) and role of your occupation as a chiropractor. A simple description might be as follows: A way to help people in my community achieve better health without drugs and surgery A way to move toward a higher level of personal prosperity (whatever that means to you) That’s it – it’s that simple. Don’t over-complicate the purpose of your profession and your practice or you will quickly lose your focus [...]

905, 2021

3 Benefits of a Cash Practice

Having owned many practice types from multi-million dollar multidisciplinary insurance based to cash only chiropractic, there is a reason that I am now only focusing my time on helping chiropractors create a cash practice. That reason is that you have more control over the growth and income over time. It only took the ‘insurance rug’ being yanked out from under me once to make me begin to reevaluate the long-term viability of a business model that includes an X factor called ‘insurance’ in the success formula. That brings me to today… completely out of the insurance game, running a much more successful and sustainable model than I had with insurance and helping other chiropractors realize the same dream. The dream that I was essentially forced to go create. Here are a few of the benefit I didn’t even realize would be part of going all in on all cash. I believe they are important to share [...]

505, 2021

An Inspiring Story of Success

It was the summer of 2016 and I was seeking a chiropractor to run a new Express Chiropractic location. Dr. Mike Vilello applied for the job. During the interview, we shifted into the topic of “what do you really want to do?” He replied with a simple statement: “I really want to get my own practice off the ground and going.” And after a little more conversation the path became clear. He needed a new and better business model if he stood any chance of surviving even another few months, much less thriving. Truth be told, if he lived closer to my office I never would have agreed to help him. I liked him within minutes of meeting him and knew he would make a great associate doc. But that’s not where his headspace lived. He had a family and a new baby and was smart enough to know that he wasn’t building his future working [...]

1712, 2020

The Golden Question to use when Building a Chiropractic Wellness Care Office

Are you a chiropractor that wants to build a successful Cash Chiropractic Wellness Practice?   It all starts with how you market your chiropractic office in the community, how you present your care to patients and what you discuss during follow up visits. For now, let's focus on the latter... what you say during follow up visits. Do you discuss their pain relief when speaking with patients? Or worse yet do you discuss topics that are not chiropractic, their health, subluxation or spine related during the visit? If so you are wasting valuable education time.... time that will help improve a patient's understanding of chiropractic wellness care - for life. The principle of Cognitive Fluency says that as someone hears something enough they will stop dismissing it and instead grow to understand and accept it. THE GOLDEN QUESTION (Early in Care) When trying to grow a chiropractic wellness care office, and especially if you want to [...]

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