There are 2 ways to run a service based business.

1. With Systems
2. Without Systems

Without systems means you are depending on the God given talent and past learned behaviors an employee has – personality, decision making and critical thinking skills – to get the job done right.

With systems means you depend on protocols and scripts to overcome the ‘shortcomings’ a person, including you, will inevitably prove to have.

I have been creating chiropractic training programs and coaching chiropractors through SuccessfulChiro for almost 15 years now.

During that time the most common underlying problem I have uncovered with clinics that are struggling is a lack of systems.

Why is this?

It all has to do with the Consistency.

Consistency of the Customer Experience, consistent education, consistent message, consistent marketing and on and on.

It is this same consistency that powers a franchised business, increasing its likelihood of success and making it more attractive to investors.

One of the biggest assets a franchise has to offer is the already proven systems that run it
My advice to you is try to make your office run 100% systems driven using what I call ‘Systems Based Service.’

Don’t worry, it won’t make you or staff robotic in nature. But what it will do is ensure a consistently quality experience in your office visit after visit for patients and ensure staff does not miss important steps throughout the day.

How do you shift from a personality driven to systems driven business?

First, create the systems or learn proven systems from someone or a company that has already created and ‘perfected’ them.

Second, you train, train and train more until everyone knows and performs their protocols and uses their scripts flawlessly for their position.

This includes all professional, para-professional and administrative staff.

Areas that should be covered include open and close procedures, new and existing patient calls and encounters, signing up new patients, doctor consultation and report of findings, doctor daily table talk, marketing externally, internal promotions, asking for online reviews and referrals, and much more.

A small one-location business can learn a lot from how a franchise operates.

And the best place to start is by trying to convert your office into a ‘Systems Based Service’ business that is driven through protocols and scripts.