If you follow the teachings of any reputable marketing or business guru, they will all tell you that your USP or Unique Selling Point is one of – if not The Number One – aspect of your business that must be specifically defined before real success can ever be realized.

Your USP simply put is what sets you apart from the competition. Let’s take chiropractic as the obvious example. If you are a chiropractor providing chiropractic services in the same way as everyone else in your community then you are essentially the same as all other chiropractors in the community.

Well at least in the eyes of the public you are, despite how you may think you are different.

So when you are speaking to someone at a networking event or marketing online it is important to understand that in reality the public ‘sees’ you as the same as other chiropractors.

The million dollar question, often literally, is how can you set yourself apart from all the noise?

The answer quite simply is by being different in ways that people DO understand.

They understand differences such as…







And while these examples may not fit with your practice philosophy or office set up, the point is that you must start thinking in terms of setting yourself apart in ways that people in the community do understand and that entices them to use your office.

The reality is that there is a large segment of the population that wants chiropractic care or is at least interested in it, but are hesitant to go try it. Perhaps it is because they are concerned about the safety of it, or the financial aspects such as the the fear of $150 dollar visits, insurance hassles, hard sale care plans or unexpected remainder statements.

In other words, they just feel chiropractic care is not an option for them or their family DUE TO THE UNKNOWN.

So what if you set yourself apart from the crowd by making some of the unknowns, known.

This is largely the business model approach (no appointment needed, no insurance needed, creative payment options, no long-term contracts, etc.) that sets Express Chiropractic apart from everyone else in our community and why the practice markets itself largely (well, that and the unique Name which is a USP in and of itself).

By understanding how to structure your business model and associated systems (protocols and scripts) and your marketing to highlight any number of differentiating factors, you immediately stand out from the crowd of chiropractors as something different.

And by doing so you will serve a niche that nobody else in your area is serving.

Daron Stegall, DC