The people in our community that we target as potential customers, patients and practice members have been spoon fed the same old health paradigm since birth.

No Symptoms = No Problems.

That is a huge obstacle to overcome with retaining patients but is something you could obviously use to your advantage when marketing for new patients.

But be careful!…

If you want to build a chiropractic wellness patient base that ultimately grows into a high-volume cash practice, you cannot directly market pain relief care.

Well, actually you CAN but the lack of congruency you will generate in your office will either just shape your office into a pain relief center – by default – or at the very least sabotage the growth of your ‘wellness’ practice.

If your goal in the office is building health rather than simply reacting to the decline of it, then don’t market pain relief as a service. It’s not needed because patients already attach chiropractic to pain relief. It’s redundant for you to do the same.

People are already geared towards trying to ‘relieve pain to regain health’ and so you don’t really need to let them know you can help them with this. Let them know something that truly sets you apart from the competition in your area while attracting the patients you really want – those customers seeking the unique benefits your office provides.