If there is no other practice success tip I can give you it is that IF you can create continued value for your cash paying customers… you will be successful.

When a new patient first enters your office it is likely because they want your expert advice or have pain they want to get resolved or in the case of a cash based wellness practice, are seeking chiropractic as part of their healthy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason they enter your office, at that very moment you have a high value.

Now, the patient is willing to sacrifice a couple of precious things because of that value.

Predominantly they are money and time.


The money the customer is going to pay has a certain value (i.e. $40 has a value of $40). They are going to give you that something of value in exchange for chiropractic services which may include specific therapies, modalities, adjustments, education, etc.

Patients will often tell you this is the best money they have every spent as they begin to feel better, sleep better and learn important information about their spine as it money collapse relates getting healthy.


Something else that is just as, if not more, important than money is time.

The customer is going to sacrifice their valuable time that they would use doing something else, to spend it with you.

If a patient is having pain, then their time spent at your office is well worth the time sacrificed. If they place high value on regular care for wellness, then again the exchange seems fair.

But this is where the value formula kicks in and usually falls apart in most offices.

Whether for ‘pain relief’ or ‘wellness’… the Value you give the customer must continue – visit after visit – to exceed the time and money they spend for it or they will disappear.

And to make it even more difficult, there must be a balance between the exponential monetary value and the time value. Otherwise that triangle begins to lean and Time Collapseeventually it will fall.

In other words… if your adjustment is great and well worth the money spent, but the flow of your office is inefficient or the doctor can be heard socializing and in effect wasting the waiting patient’s time, the value triangle will begin to tilt and eventually fall resulting in the customer leaving.

How do you make that value stand strong?

The answer is by consistently providing excellent
1. Education about the importance of their care
2. Experience in the office by ensuring the visit is efficient, smooth and enjoyable
3. Results with the care you provide

By providing a consistently positive and predictable experience in the office backed by great technique and effective drip education about the important of continued chiropractic checkups, you will notice your patients will stay longer, gladly continue to pay for the care and refer others.